Client Testimonials


"Your instincts were definitely on. We have a lot in common." (M, 30)

"Date went well! He is an interesting guy in a good, intriguing way." (F, 22)

"I applaud your targeting skills. I think you are very well honed in on my type." (M, 35)

"He was really nice and we had great chemistry. We stayed 4 hours until the bar closed - we were the last ones in the place!" (F, 26)

"Good work. I'm impressed." (M, 36)

"Sooo...she was really cool. We had a ton of things in common." (M, 24)

"We met at that party you threw. We are so compatible - I can't believe I've found someone as OCD about cleanliness as I am!" (F, 29)

"Wow, you found someone for me already? You are GOOD." (F, 30)

"She sounds great! I'd love to meet her...[Post Date] She was great and we got along really well." (M, 25)

"We met up for dinner. He's cute and seems really nice. I like him!" (F, 26)